Full slate in 2017 elections

1 March 2017


For the first time, we will put up a full slate of 13 candidates in the 2017 North Yorkshire County Council elections. The list contains some veteran campaigners with a few first-timers.


In Richmondshire, we are standing in all six seats, as listed below:

Catterick Bridge                Dave Dalton    

Central Richmondshire       Rupert Hildyard

Middle Dales                     Lisle Ryder

Richmond                         Anna Jackson

Richmondshire North         Leslie Rowe

Upper Dales                      Robbie Kelly


In Hambleton, we are standing in the seven seats which fall in the Richmond parliamentary constituency boundary, as listed below:

Bedale                               Michael Chaloner

Great Ayton                       Jim Peters

North Hambleton                John Yorke

Northallerton                      Margaret Lowndes

Romanby                           Patricia Tricker

Stokesley                           Rob Johnson

Swale                                Fiona Yorke


The election takes place on Thursday 4 May.