We have selected our Parliamentary candidate, Fiona Yorke.

28 February 2017

With a general election due in 2020 - and perhaps much sooner - we have selected our Parliamentary candidate, Fiona Yorke. Here she tells us a bit about herself.


Fiona Yorke



Who am I?

I was born in York in 1974. I went to Bournemouth University and gained a degree in Communications. After I graduated I embarked on a career with Royal Mail. I ran the Middlesbrough Distribution early shift and then went onto vehicle procurement. Training and development was where I wanted to be, and I finally got my opportunity and enjoyed working with the managers to improve their performance. I stayed at Royal Mail for seven years.

I took redundancy, worked for a training consultancy in Leeds for two years, and then made the break and set up my own training consultancy – Ultimate U. Working with public, private and third sector clients, I have successfully built this business over the last eleven years.

I have always had a passion for animals and animal welfare, being a committed vegetarian. I took my passion a step further in 2013 by starting another business – Guilt Free Shop, an online beauty shop selling fabulous cruelty free products for all the family. I am very proud to be able to share my values in this way and connect with like-minded people. This leads me onto what my values are … .

 I am a keen cyclist, sometimes on a tandem with my husband John, who is a NHS psychiatric nurse.


My values – the following values shape my identity and my experience, and I try to share them with other people:

  • Fairness and equality of opportunity – your background and family should not be determinate your life opportunities
  • Being positive and hopeful – it served me well during my illness and continues to be something I can’t help being!
  • Show respect for the environment – think of incremental gain, your little bit will make a difference
  • Be the voice for animals and fight for better education about cruelty free welfare standards
  • I am a humanist and am currently training to be a Humanist Funeral Celebrant
  • Open dialogue, collaboration and compromise form the foundation of a society that has a truly bright future


Why I joined the Green Party

It appeared to me that none of the other mainstream parties could offer a more comprehensive, globally holistic package that the Greens do. Fighting for a better future for us all and generations to come, not just thinking about the next five years in government, but what is sustainable for the next 30 to 40 years – long term planning much amiss from recent government policy.  Furthermore, the Greens bring together social and environmental justice to build a fairer economy and full respect of the planet and its natural resources.

In addition, the Greens are truly dismayed by the current situation that sees the very rich and privileged in our society laughing all the way to the bank whilst the very poorest and most vulnerable are crying their way to the food bank. I have never seen a more unequal society than it is today and thankfully the Green Party has a robust plan on how to tackle this which I fully support.

What hooked me the most however, was the following quote from the Green Party’s Core Values:

“The success of a society cannot be measured by narrow economic indicators, but should take account of factors affecting the quality of life for all people: personal freedom, social equity, health, happiness and human fulfilment.”

As for our chances of winning a parliamentary seat in this constituency, I think Che Guevara said it for me with his quote:

            “Let’s be realistic, and achieve the impossible!”